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If you like traveling to places that create memories, Bird Hunting on Rovos Rail is for you. This is one of the most exclusive luxury hunting trips in the world. It is designed for both hunters and non-hunters.

Rovos bird hunting

This eight-day Rovos train hunt starts in Pretoria as the Rovos Rail travels westward through South Africa. On the second day, travelers arrive in Mareetsane, a village with abundant scrubby and thorny vegetation. The hunters embark on a full-day of driven shooting. With lunch and possible spa treatments available at Mmabatho palms, a historian welcomes our non-hunting visitors with stories of Baden-Powell (the founder and first Chief Scout of the worldwide Scout Movement) and the 217-day siege battle for the town of Mafeking.

The Rovos Rail continues southwesterly toward Kameel, a suburb of Vryburg city, where the shooters embark on full-day African bird hunting and have lunch in the field.

However, our non-hunting companions go to the Tierkloof Missionary Station and the Old Prison Wall and Museum to learn about the past and present of Africa while enjoying the sight of carvings Bushmen made that depict life over many millennia.

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On the next day, the Rovos Rail makes its way to Warrenton. It is an agricultural town where hunters can spend a whole day driven shooting francolin and guinea fowl. Meanwhile, the non-hunters take lunch at the estate Hotel after a visit to the Anglo Boer War sites. After lunch, the non-hunters either move to Timkulu Reserve for a game drive or visit the William Humphreys Art Gallery to see cultural art’s beauty. The gallery creates sweet memories, containing collections of conventional South African artworks. In addition, it is a good place for the guests to take photos.

While traveling South, the Rovos Rail moves to Kimberly, a city known for diamond rushes— where all travelers stay for two days. While in Kimberly, all visitors get to visit the Big Hole and enjoy the 19th-century atmosphere of the museum. Also, all travelers have the chance to see the attractive McGregor Museum after taking lunch at the Kimberly Club. The museum displays artworks representing the origin of humankind, its environment, and national history.

Later in the night, we move to the Sol Plaatje House — a library of African literature— where we learn the roles of political Journalists in the Second Boer War. Lastly, we then enjoy a barbeque for dinner.

On the sixth day, our non-hunting companions learn about the Battle of Magersfontein in 1899.

Also, they move to the Wintershoek Reserve for a game drive. Meanwhile, the hunters embark on a full day of bird hunting on Rovos Rail before the rail moves to Bloemfontein, a city known as the City of Roses. Finally, on the seventh day, the luxury hunting trip continues to the east to Kloofeind. Here, hunters have another opportunity for driven shooting. At the same time, non-hunters visit historical places like the Boer War Museum, battlegrounds, and the Women’s monument before taking their lunch at the Emoya Hotel and Spa.

After a fun-filled 1400Km Safari on the eighth day, the Rovos Rail departs for Pretoria’s Rovos Rail Station.

Rack Rate per Person Sharing in a Deluxe Suite

The only three available configurations are – L-Twin, Lengthways, and Crosswise. The fee covers all meals, accommodation, continuous room service, alcoholic drinks, bar facilities, and beverages. Moderate laundry services, excursions with a well-qualified tour leader, entrance fees, ammunition, shoots and licenses, field aides, and government taxes are also included.

However, it does not cover passport/visa fees, flight tickets, airport taxes, personal and travel insurance, taxidermy, guns and permits, telephone calls, artworks purchases, or spa treatments. Although staff gratuities are not compulsory, you can offer them if you wish.

Meals on the Rovos Rail

Travelers enjoy meals at

  • Breakfast: 7 AM - 10 AM
  • Lunch: 1 PM
  • Tea: 4:30 PM
  • Dinner: 7:30 PM

However, we reserve the right to adjust these if the needs arise.

Scheduled Times and Routes

Although we will try our best to keep the train on time, we do not control the train’s speed. Therefore, you cannot hold us accountable for any delay. Also, we do not guarantee excursions.

The Rovos Rail Tours reserves the right to alter the route anytime between arrival and departure points. Please get in touch with Dick at Charity Safaris to confirm our specific departure dates.

Rovos Rail Cost

Rovos Rail
Click brochure to request itinerary and pricing

The prices remain as published. However, if there is a need for an unavoidable increase, we have the right to change the tour price before confirmation.  Once a deposit is made, the price cannot increase.  Please click here to request a Rovos train hunt itinerary and current prices.

Hunting Trip Insurance

Travel and Cancellation insurance are compulsory for all travelers.  You can get a hunting trip insurance quote by clicking the link.

Passports & Visas

As an International Traveler, you are advised to approach the embassy in your country for Passport, and a Visa booking may be required before your entrance into South Africa.


We suggest that each traveler stick to anti-malarial precautions and take necessary vaccinations before leaving your country. However, if you are coming from or passing through, you must obtain a Yellow Fever or Medical Exemption in Zambia or Tanzania.


Without prior notice, permission, or payment, we reserve the right to use any picture or video our workers took on tour for general publicity.

The Rovos Train Hunt and  Charity Safaris

Would you like to enjoy driven shooting on Rovos Train? Charity Safari is here to help you as an authorized agent for Rovos Rail. Dick from Charity Safaris had gone on this trip before and had an excellent experience.

Also, he has sold this trip to many driven bird shooters. So, why are you waiting? Get in touch with Dick at 970-615-0856 and begin your journey to the Rovos Rail Africa Bird Hunting. Enjoy your trip!

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