What To Wear on Safari: The Ultimate Safari Clothes Guide

What To Wear on Safari You are excited because you are booked for a safari in South Africa, but what to wear on the safari? Fear not! We have you covered. An African safari is a trip of a lifetime. After reading this article, you will be confident in your choice of safari clothes, and […]

Big Game Hunting in Africa

Hunting in Africa The continent of Africa is one of the best hunting locations on the planet. Ever since modern man stepped foot in Africa for the first time, man has been captivated and challenged by the immense diversity, and adventure found while hunting in Africa. Yet, even in modern times, hunting in Africa maintains its reputation […]

Medical and Evacuation Insurance for Africa

Global Rescue When we leave the country, most lose our protection under our medical insurance. Therefore, when arranging an African hunting safari, it is essential to consider the continent’s various third-world hunting areas. In many regions across the continent, people are susceptible to contracting diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid fever, and rabies. The political […]

Bow Hunting in Africa

Bow Hunt Africa Ready for some Bow hunting in Africa? If yes, a trip for the plains game should take place in either South Africa or Namibia. Both nations are reasonably risk-free and feature many reasonably priced Africa hunt packages. Make plans for your outfitter to meet you at the airport, and never travel out […]

Sable Hunting in Africa

Sable Hunting The antelope species Hipotragus niger, sometimes known as the African sable, is native to the savannahs of East Africa, namely the region between Kenya and South Africa. The African sable and the roan are members of the Hippotragus family, often known as the horse antelope family.  The African sable is the third-largest antelope […]

Kudu Hunting in South Africa

Kudu Hunting Tips Africa’s trophy kudu is one of game hunters’ most sought-after animals, next to the impala. The kudu, which is separated into various subspecies, is seen throughout the continent of Africa, from South Africa to southern Angola.  Most game hunters pursue the male kudu bull for its long, spiraled horns. Although their numbers are […]