New Zealand Tahr

Tahr Hunting The Himalayan Tahr, also known as the New Zealand Tahr, was introduced in 1904 to 1906 to the Southern Alps. First regarded as a pest, the government tried controlling the herds using government aircraft and sharpshooters. However, in the last 20 years, the unwanted pest has become something else entirely – a valuable, […]

Tahr Hunting New Zealand Cost

New Zealand Tahr Tahr Hunting New Zealand costs vary significantly from outfitter to outfitter. There are four kinds of Tahr hunting concessions, each contributing to overall Tahr hunting costs. New Zealand Crown Land There are approximately 1.6 million hectares (3.95 million acres) of Crown land (Government land) on the South Island of New Zealand. Most […]

Red Stag Hunting Argentina

Exploring the vast wilderness with your hunting equipment, panoramic views, and the expectation of wildlife at every turn is quite the adventure. Red Stag Argentina is one of the most sought-after deer for avid hunters due to how challenging it is to hunt and how beautiful your trophy will look. Red Stag can reach up […]