Medical and Evacuation Insurance for Africa

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When we leave the country, most lose our protection under our medical insurance. Therefore, when arranging an African hunting safari, it is essential to consider the continent's various third-world hunting areas. In many regions across the continent, people are susceptible to contracting diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid fever, and rabies.

The political conditions can become unstable in some areas known for their fantastic trophy hunting in Africa. These occurrences might sometimes take place in a short timeframe.

African hunting safari

If you require medical attention while traveling, Charity Safaris advises getting a Medical & Evacuation Insurance Policy like those provided by Global Rescue. Should you need transportation to a hospital of your choosing, Global Rescue will send a team of medical specialists to your location.

If political unrest or a natural disaster occurs near you, you can buy an improved policy for yourself or your family that will offer comparable support. Insurance covers short-term vacations for up to seven days and long-term journeys for five years! Should it be required, Global Rescue will also handle the repatriation of remains. Repatriation charges have been reported to surpass $40,000, and medical evacuation flights from southern Africa to the US can cost over $200,000!

In addition, on its website, GR provides its members with up-to-date information and warnings on travel in each country.

There is a possibility that travel agencies or your airlines will provide hunting trip insurance plans that will cover medical expenditures in certain circumstances; however, you should be aware that specific policies exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. A policy from Global Rescue may be purchased at a relatively affordable price while providing significant mental comfort.

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